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World Championship

cycling 2021

From September 18 to 26, Flanders, the cradle of cycling, will host the 100th edition of the World Cycling Championship. In addition to the 4 host cities of Antwerp, Leuven, Bruges and Knokke-Heist, 5 municipalities were awarded the title of official World Cup village because of the organisation. Huldenberg is one of these 5 municipalities and, with the infamous Smeysberg, also has the ultimate executioner in the course.

24/09 - 26/09/2021

Discover the Flandrien loop

in Huldenberg

The 100th edition of the world championship has a beautiful Flandrien loop through the South Dijleland in the final stage.


Beyond Leuven you step into a landscape that shows no pity. You will encounter yourself on heroic slopes such as the Moskesstraat in Terlanen, the Smeysberg in Huldenberg, the Bekestraat in Eizer and the S-curve in the heart of Overijse.

Would you like to try this historic Flandrien loop yourself?


Leuven Station, Martelarenplein, 3000 Leuven


N 50.881306° E 4.715267°


65 km


2 hours 30 minutes


steep slopes

Cycling and hiking paradise

In Huldenberg you cycle and walk through and along the beautiful hills of the Dijleland. Stiff climbs alternate with refreshing descents, interesting views, forests and sunken roads, vast fields, greenhouses as silent witnesses to the once flourishing grape cultivation, monuments in typical white regional sandstone and nice cafes. All this in the immediate vicinity of the node network.

At the reception of the town hall you will find brochures of these routes:

  • The potato trip  

  • The grape route

  • Flemish Brabant cycling network

  • Mountain bike networks Hageland & Dijle

  • South Dijleland walking network

  • Doode Bemde Walk (Neerijse)

  • Dyle and Lane Walk (Sint-Agatha-Rode)

  • Ice walk (Huldenberg and Loonbeek)

More information about the cycling and walking routes in Huldenberg: