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Visit Huldenberg


With the free shuttle bus

We provide free shuttle buses to the World Cup village from Thursday to Sunday. The bus departs from the center of Ottenburg and travels via Leuvensebaan and Potterstraat to Huldenberg and back (bus with letter C). The expected travel times will be displayed in the bus stops of De Lijn per World Cup day. The use of the shuttle bus is completely free!


  • Thursday September 23  the first bus departs in the center of Ottenburg at 2.20 pm and the bus will pass again every 40 minutes. The last bus leaves the World Cup village at 1 am to take everyone home safely.

  • Friday September 24  the first bus departs at 8.50 am in the center of Ottenburg, and then passes again every 40 minutes (last departure around 12.50 pm). In the evening the first bus leaves the World Cup village at 6.15 pm; the last one is again scheduled at 1am. We are also installing an extra line between Huldenberg and the Parking Potterstraat in Sint-Agatha-Rode (bus with letter B). In the morning you can take the bus here for the first time at 9.30 am and this bus will pass every 25 minutes (last step around 1 pm). In the evening you can return from the World Cup village with this bus from 6.15 pm.

  • Saturday September 25  The same arrangement applies as Friday, only everything starts an hour earlier in the morning. For bus C, this means a first step in the center of Ottenburg at 7:50 am, last step is around 11:50 am. In the evening you can return from the World Cup village from 5.15 pm, last step at 1 am. Bus B also leaves: first departure from Parking Potterstraat at 8.30 am, last departure around 12 noon. In the evening you can go back and forth every 25 minutes from 5.15 pm.

  • Sunday 26 September  we start the day very early: you can take the bus at 7am in the center of Ottenburg, last boarding around 10:55am. We split bus C that day into a line C1 (which runs via the Leuvensebaan) and a line C2 (which runs via the Veeweidestraat). Line B departs from 7.30am, last boarding around 11am. In the evening you can go home from 5.50 pm, the last bus is scheduled at 11 pm.

Park your car in Wavre-North

The city of Wavre and GSK provide paved peripheral car parks in the Wavre-North industrial zone.

Parking your car costs 5 euros. From there, free shuttle buses will take you to our World Cup village. You can reach the peripheral car parks via the E411, exit Bièrges – Waver Noord and then follow the arrows to the WK village Huldenberg.

Come on foot or by bike

You can get everywhere on foot. The trail is completely traffic-free during the specified hours, including for cyclists. The bicycle in hand can be everywhere. You can park your bicycle in three bicycle parking spaces :

  • Kindergarten of GBS Den Elzas (Elzasstraat 19);

  • Dreefstraat (near the castle park);

  • R. Borremansstraat (near the Theyssens Kitchens grounds).

By bus or train

If you come by train, it is best to get off at the stations of Waver or Sint-Joris-Weert . From there, a De Lijn bus shuttles back to the Fandorp World Cup. The travelers change in Sint-Agatha-Rode to the World Cup shuttle buses with letter B.

The buses of De Lijn do not run at the hours that the route is closed. This means that there is no bus traffic in Huldenberg towards Leuven and towards Overijse/Brussels, nor towards Leuven via Sint-Joris-Weert. Anyone who uses public transport to commute to school or work should inquire at De Lijn:  or 070 220 200.

With a supporters bus

Our World Cup village with its fascinating range of fringe entertainment and performances is the ideal place to experience the World Cup in a group. If you are a member of a supporter's association of a rider or rider, you can visit the World Cup village with your own supporter bus. We provide free parking for supporters buses , but reservation is required. Do you want to reserve a place? Send an e-mail to and you will receive the information.


Are you looking for a nice place to experience the World Cup with your camper/mobile home? We provide more than enough pitches within walking distance of our World Cup village! A range of activities provides an experience in addition to the race, where entertainment, enjoying the beautiful nature and delicious food and drinks go hand in hand. A pitch for your stay costs 50 euros.The pitches are divided by the organization and cannot be chosen freely.  


  • Reservation will cost you €50 per pitch for your stay from September 21 to September 27, 2021,

  • Motorhome zones for Mobilhomes and Campervans,

  • 8.5m x 6m is provided for each camper,

  • 3m is also provided between the campers in driving direction,

  • The camper blocks are separated with a track of 6 meters (prescribed 5 m),

  • There are  utilities provided (water and electricity) on the motorhome area.  

Use the button below  to reserve your place. 

After booking you will receive the coordinates of the motorhome parking on your ticket.