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Become an ambassador of WK Huldenberg

Huldenberg is the cycling and walking paradise par excellence and for this we would like to put our municipality in the spotlight. Are you walking on your favorite Huldenberg hiking route or are you cycling along the most beautiful sights of our municipality?


Send a picture of you and your  company with your favorite place or cycling or walking route in the background to and spot your photo via our website, social channels or in our World Cup newspaper!


Sven Nys ambassador of our World Cup village

The undulating landscape of our region used to be the familiar training course of Sven Nys and even now he regularly ventures out for a ride. His son Thibau is also to his liking because he won the tough junior road race in Huldenberg in 2019.

Consequently, Sven is happy to take on the role of ambassador to promote our World Cup village all over the country. He also provides an extra scoop because for the first time his Cycling Academy will leave the familiar surroundings of the Balenberg and go “on tour”, with our Pastoorsbos as the ideal training ground.